Telephone Dairy

Related to Admission/Students

Name/Office Contact Number Email
Sri Aurobindo University (Office) 0731-4231404 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo University (Admission) 0731-4788900 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo Medical College & Post Graduate Institute 0731 4231405 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo College Of Dentistry 0731 4231508 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Speech & Hearing 0731 4231252 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Law 98930-43232 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Nursing 0731 4231415 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Allied Health & Paramedical Sciences 0731 4231247 [email protected]
Sri Aurobindo Institute Of Journalism And Mass Communication 96850-26677 [email protected]

Related to Hospitals

Name/Office Contact Number Email
Sri Aurobindo Hospital 99999-99999 [email protected]
Mohak Hi-Tech Superspeciality Hospital 99999-99999 [email protected]
Mohak IVF Hospital 99999-99999 [email protected]
Bhandari Hospital and Research Center 99999-99999 [email protected]
Aayushya, Indore 99999-99999 [email protected]
Bhandari Hospital Pardesipura, Indore 99999-99999 [email protected]

Related to Other

Name/Office Contact Number Email
HR Department 99999-99999 [email protected]
Warden Supervisor Office 99999-99999 [email protected]
Guard Supervisor Office 99999-99999 [email protected]
Canteen/Mess Office 99999-99999 [email protected]
Parking Office 99999-99999 [email protected]
Emergency Helpdesk 99999-99999 [email protected]
Fire Office 00000-00000 [email protected]
Electricity Office 00000-00000 [email protected]