Message from Chairman Desk

Professor Dr. Vinod Bhandari

Founder Chairman
Bhandari Group of Hospitals and Institutions, Indore.

Over the years, our institution has achieved eminence in the field of education with a far reaching vision. We aim at holistic development of the students in our institution so that they focus on excellence more than success. Ultimately we dedicate these outstanding students to the service of the society and the nation. This is the reason why we are considered as one of the best institute in the medical fraternity in India.

The availability of state-of-the-art medical technology in almost all areas of medical science has inspired us to do high quality research work in the field of medical science. We are confident that the research work done in our institute will get global recognition sooner or later.

This website marks the beginning of our journey and adds an extra leg to our multifaceted education goals. This will include our vision, curriculum, activities and overall educational framework for all batches.

As Founding President, I am extremely proud to be a part of this institution and very much impressed and inspired by its timeless success. I wish that our institute will always maintain this pace of growth and success.


General Surgery

    MS, DA, FRCS

45+ years of Experience in Surgery.

Position held
    Founder Chairman
    Bhandari Group of Hospitals and Institutions, Indore.