Sri Aurobindo College of Nursing

The SAIMS College of Nursing established in 2005 and provides a Four Year B.Sc. Nursing Course. The College is affiliated to DAVV University and has the requisite permission from Indian Nursing Council New Delhi, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, and Madhya Pradesh Nurses Registration Council. The college is attached to SAIMS Medical College & Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre, Indore and two rural – urban primary health centers for clinical and practical learning of students. The hospital and PHCs are well equipped and have all the facilities for modern health care. The college has gained academic excellence and has worked efficiently towards the all round personality of students. The college has excellent infrastructure with hard working and dedicated faculty.

Clinial Laboratories

The clinical laboratory of a hospital utilizes samples of fluids or tissues from patients to identify evidence of disease or medical conditions.


We have Museums in various departments via Surgery, OBG, Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Anatomy and Pathology.


The auditorium and seminar halls of SAU are state of the ....


Our library is the central hub of the university ....

Nursing is essentially a profession of dedication, love for community, faith and courage. To be a successful professional in the field of Nursing, one must have courage, honesty, emotional maturity and compassion to serve. These qualities are developed during the training to make an efficient nurse and useful member of the society.

The college has highly qualified faculty, active in teaching & practice. The College has a fully equipped library with more than 2000 books, Indian & Foreign Journals, Reference Books, a variety of newspapers, books on personality Development and competitive examinations etc. The college provides hostels for boys and girls with all basic facilities and congenial atmosphere for studies. The college conducts yoga classes which is also a part of curriculum and adheres to the philosophy of the institute.

Our Mission

To lead the development of the profession in line with the changing needs of the community, trends in health service delivery and the aspirations of nursing professionals themselves.

The Future

Nursing is essential to the future of healthcare. The College is integral to supporting individual nurses on their chosen career path and provides leadership and direction for members at all stages of the journey. The challenge is to be a greater influence on health policy and to make a greater difference in improving health care service and outcomes.

Our Values

  • ● The College believes in the work and worth of the nursing profession and demonstrates this by the range of services provided to support and sustain it.
  • ● The College promotes a voice for nurses in determining the direction and future of health care delivery.
  • ● The College promotes respect and support regardless of difference and acknowledges individual efforts and achievements.
  • ● The College is committed to continuous quality improvement as a dynamic process of innovation and renewal.
  • ● The College acts with integrity to ensure accountability.
  • ● The College is committed to lifelong learning.
  • ● The College is committed to developing partnerships and strategic alliances for the benefit of the profession.
  • ● The College encourages an environment of critical inquiry and research-based teaching and management.

Our Focus

  • ● The College of Nursing provides support for nurses, while contributing to the creation of a better health care system for the people.
  • ● These goals are achieved through education and professional development for all nurses, and by contributing to policy making with relevant health organizations.
  • ● The College of Nursing represents nurses at all stages of their careers, providing access to the latest information on nursing practice and giving support to facilitate career advancement.
  • ● This focus leads to continuing benefits for health care systems through developing greater awareness of the significance of nursing to other health professionals and the wider community.

Course offered from Our Institute

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Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing

  • Annual Intake : 30 Seats
  • Course Duration : 2.0 Years

Post Basic B.Sc. in Nursing is a 2-year course that focuses on providing detailed nursing to medical aspirants. Obtained a......

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  • Annual Intake : 100 Seats
  • Course Duration : 4.0 Years (8 Semester)

B.Sc. in Nursing is a 4-year undergraduate course that focuses on providing detailed nursing to medical aspirants. Admission to BSc Nursing is provided through NEET which has been initiated by the......

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  • Annual Intake : 16 Seats
  • Course Duration : 2.0 Years

M.Sc. course aims at catering to the field of Nursing and Applied Sciences. The delivery method of M.Sc. Nursing course includes lectures, seminars, practical work, extensive lab and on-field training.....

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