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Raising Need of Doctors in the World

Being a doctor is a dream for millions. While the goal is common: “I want to become a doctor,” reasons to become a doctor are different for different medical aspirants. Some want to provide healthcare services to the poor; some want to provide medical services in underserved and rural areas, some want to earn the respect that comes with the “doctor” label while others simply see it as an excellent economic opportunity and a symbol of success.
Doctors are very much needed. With increasing population health becomes major goal among people.
WHO prescribes a doctor-population ratio of 1:1000. However, very few countries have been successful in maintaining that humble ratio, so far.

  • Very few developed countries in the world like Australia, USA, France, and Germany enjoy the luxury of having more doctors than the recommended minimum. Developing countries like India and under-developed countries like Pakistan are a bit closer to achieve the prescribed number of doctors and need to increase their numbers to achieve the goal of healthcare for all.
  • Poor and least developed countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh are in desperate need to have more doctors to look after their increasing population.
  • After the pandemic condition, raise in needs of doctors and related hospital facilities, Medical infrastructure have been increased as everyone is afraid about the pandemic and complications. Government also invests in medical sector, worked on no. of seats of medical colleges.
These are some Causes to go for medical education, they are incomplete without the particular reason that only you have. So, ask yourself once again – “Why I want to become a doctor?”. Adhere to your intuition, and you will get your calling that will stay with you throughout your medical journey.
Deciding to pursue a career is not an easy task. To help medical aspirants and youngsters like you, we crafted this blog to help you crystal clear why you should become a doctor. I hope, it will help you in deciding the right path.