Sri Aurobindo University places great value on conducting and communicating scholarly research in the field of health sciences. The university strives to build a climate of interdisciplinary cooperation and intellectual exchange among faculty and student researchers thereby promoting research and innovation activities. 

The central research lab in the university building helps the researchers to incubate new ideas and conduct research. The University has facilities of advanced diagnostic and research equipments, molecular lab, surgical theaters, animal house, telemedicine and evidence based practice for conduct of quality research

The research and innovative ecosystem in the institution is supported through 

  • Building departmental research capacity through developing interdisciplinary and collaborative research networks within the department and with other departments.
  • Providing recognition of faculty with excellent research skills.
  • Providing access to research resources in the form of free / subsidized cost for consumables, equipment, library materials, laboratory investigation and other research facilities. 
  • Supporting researchers with incentives like work leaves with salary to carry out their collaborative research; Provide travel grants to participate in conferences, and workshops to present papers, posters and research networking.
  • Providing access to research facilities available in medical, engineering, pharmacy, physiotherapy and other institutions located in the same campus and university.  
  • Supporting the development of faculty networks through activities including: Sponsoring faculty participation in scholarly conferences; Hosting conferences and symposia; and Establishing institutional relationships with other universities, professional associations, and government bodies. 

The University through its Research committee constantly encourages the faculties and postgraduates to conduct and publish research in their concerned specialties.